War of Warriors

The Matobo Rhino Protection Initiative
November 25, 2012
Paul Hubbard
October 29, 2013
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War of Warriors

Umvukela! 1896 The Matobo Hills are the most sacred place in Zimbabwe. Such spiritual splendor has been scarred by eons of conflict, most violently in 1896. With this tour,  Paul Hubbard aims to give visitors an insider’s view of the 1896 civil war (called Chimurenga I  or the Umvukela) as it was fought in the Matobo Hills World Heritage Site, arguably its most critical phase.  By the end of the tour guests will have an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the difficulties and opportunities facing the opposing forces.  The ebb and flow in the fortunes of war will be realised on the ground, brought to life in a walking tour of the sites of struggle in the hills. Guests will also be exposed to the grandeur and beauty of the Matobo area, its history and inhabitants.  This experience is complemented by the additional tours “All Rhodes Lead to Matopos” and “The Mzilikazi Footprint”… details to follow! mzilikazi

Mzilikazi’s Footprint

A unique historical activity, the chance to trace the footsteps of one of the greatest warriors of all time, King Mzilikazi, chief of the Matabele. If you want to be propelled back in time to the late 1800’s, then allow us to bring to you the smells, sights and the rhythm of pre-colonial homes and the colonial battlefields of Matabeleland. Three and five day tours led by Paul Hubbard, a professional archaeologist whose stories take you back in time with a vibrancy beyond compare. Hosted at the famous Camp Amalinda, in the foothills of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Matobo Hills.

Empire of the Monomatapa

The magnificent stone built ruins scattered the length and breadth of Zimbabwe have excited the imagination of visitors ever since they were revealed to the outside world almost two hundred years ago. A new tour led by professional archaeologist Paul Hubbard aims to slake the visitor’s thirst for historical adventure visiting several of the ruins in a three or five day tour. Two World Heritage Sites – Great Zimbabwe and Khami – are must see attractions as well as lesser know wonders including the last capitals of the empire, DhloDhlo and Naletale. Get the low down on the rise and fall of Southern Africa’s biggest pre-colonial empire while exploring exquisitely beautiful areas in less-visited portions of Zimbabwe.Empire of the Monomatapa This tour is run only by archaeologist and historian Paul Hubbard in conjunction with the Amalinda Collection and the Bulawayo Club. For bookings and details contact resman@amalindacollection.co.zw.

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