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January 17, 2009
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Press Release

We understand there are reports in your newspapers and warnings put out by your Governments which depict a grim political situation within Zimbabwe. We believe too, that this may concern you, possibly impact on your decision to either travel to our country or rather to our neighbours Zambia / Botswana / South Africa. Although we will not deny that Zim has experienced some rough times, the people of Zimbabwe need you.

They will give you the warmest, friendliest welcome – Zimbabweans are probably the most gracious, hospitable Nation you will ever encounter. We are asking you not to turn your back on this beautiful Country, the people of Zimbabwe need you now, more than ever.

We have gathered these facts from our own experiences of living here, and from where we stand right now, it is business as usual. You will not be left stranded on the road side because of no fuel, or go without any of the provisions that you would normally find at any other lodge of our caliber. You will not be subjected to bad treatment by Police or Customs/Immigration Officials etc. Fuel supplies are everywhere and you will not see closed fuel stations as it was in 2009.  Grocery shops are full to bursting with fresh and imported produce and ATM’s are available to draw US$ in cash.

You will be with a member of our company at all times, someone who knows the laws, limitations/restrictions of our country and who is geared up to best advise how to handle certain circumstances. And this you will find with almost all safari companies and organizations who have a reputable track record.

We have made a commitment to ensuring a high standard of service and if, at any time, we are unable to follow through with this promise, or, should the current situation change, we will advise you accordingly.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any further questions on

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