Presenting at ATA – Sharon Stead

ATA – Annual Congress in Vic Falls 2012
May 1, 2012
SADC and Zimbabwe Residents School Holiday Winter Special
July 9, 2012
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Presenting at ATA – Sharon Stead

Sharon Stead recently presented a paper to the panel “Women’s Engagement in Tourism” in Vic Falls.  Her opening lines – “There can be no more powerful instinct than that of a mother’s love for her children.  If you take this primal instinct and apply it to a woman in business, you have a powerful force.  Apply that to tourism and hospitality, which plays a big part in a woman’s natural ability (we cook, we iron, we clean, we entertain, comfort and we serve), then you are up against a fierce being….”

The conference was attended by many Ministers throughout Africa, Ambassadors, other dignitary’s and members of the Trade – numbers reached over 400 in attendance and the Congress was hailed a resounding success by the media.

In closing, Sharon explained to the women in the audience the importance of accepting opportunities that come their way – the most unaccceptable excuse for missing an opportunity in today’s Western world has to be ‘because you are a woman’. And also urged all women to look at endurance and the importance of staying in the race for as long as it takes as you can never be sure of what will happen along the way.

For these and other photos/information on the 37th Annual Congress, please go to:

Women's Engagement in Tourism


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