High Season at Amalinda and Trip Advisor News

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February 5, 2014
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January 29, 2015
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High Season at Amalinda and Trip Advisor News

image004Dear Travel Partner

Following the best rains we have had to record so far, winter arrived soon and the leaves have started to drop.  Dust kicks up on the silhouette of the sun making the panoramic even better and the view of the Matopos so magnificent.   With the winter haze in the air, these unique African sunsets and silhouettes are worth that extra Gin and Tonic on the sunset walk from Camp.

Colin has been welcomed into the team this month as Assistant Manager and in the short time he has been in camp he already has received raved reviews from guests and has settled well into to safari life.

Kevin has joined Amalinda as a learner guide he has so far built a good name for himself and is on a fast track to becoming a requested guide for the Camp Amalinda in the Matopos.

Game drives have been interesting after the rains due to thick bush but rhino sightings have been absolutely superb.  With the two young rhino’s staying close to their mum and being visible to our clients, we have had many happy guests leaving camp after seeing these magnificent creatures.

Three leopards have been near our camp this last month and the hyena have been passing by close to the pool for the past few weeks, cackling and whooping way into the night.

The community has had a lot of support through mother Africa – everything from unwavering support helping at Ethandweni Children’s Home to repairing the fence at the National park.  The Mother Africa Trust plays an integral part in spearheading the social responsibility of the park,  the inhabitants and the local community.

As we are going more and more GREEN, recycling has been a major factor for the guides and staff.   Thanks to Paul Hubbard for his consistent collection of the litter on the roadside and in Matopos.  We all keep the motto going “what comes in must go back”.   All glass, tin and plastic goes back to the city of Bulawayo on a weekly basis and the managers oversee and make sure it is placed in the recycling points.

That’s all the news for now and we would like to share with you too, our note of excellent via Trip Advisor.   Amalinda is now the No 1 rated accommodation in Bulawayo and Matopos.


The Amalinda Team

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