Going Nowhere Slowly

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June 17, 2011
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Going Nowhere Slowly

An awesome travel show called Going Nowhere Slowly, will be featuring the wonders of Zimbabwe in their next season. Basically, they drive around in a splendid Chevrolet Impala known as the Chili Pepper .

Various adventures and mishaps are encountered along the way such as being detained and questioned for hours at our friendly police station in Mutare or driving around Bulawayo in search of a reliable tyre repair company. Such things are taken in stride and discussed with gentle humour during the show and in biting terms off camera…

Passing through Bulawayo, they stayed at Camp Amalinda for a night. Paul Hubbard, our in-house archaeologist, guided the presenters through the ever amazing sights of the Matobo Hills covering everything from Cecil Rhodes to the geology.

Then onto Ivory Lodge in Hwange where some of the big 5 presented themselves to the group at sunset.
Look out for the show, broadcasting on SABC3 in Jan 09.

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