Amalinda Fun Day – 2nd Oct 2011

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Amalinda Fun Day – 2nd Oct 2011

Working in conjunction with The Mother Africa Trust, Camp Amalinda opens its doors to welcome the public to this years Fun Day 2011.  Our annual event promises to be fun for the whole family with paint ball, jumping castle, Mr Strong Man Competition or just relaxing by our famous rock pool.  Starting the day you are invited to join the 10km walk/run/cycle, or 21km run to Bambata Cave, or if you are feeling energetic then enter the 40km cycle through the park.  All events start and end at Amalinda.

All proceeds of this event will go to The Mother Africa Trust which was  created as a way for people to “give back” to both the environment and to the people of Zimbabwe. We want to help! We created “purpose-driven safaris” tailor-made for skilled and unskilled people, professionals in any discipline, who wish to donate their time and skills to leave a lasting and tangible impression on Zimbabwe.

From building new or upgraded infrastructure or changing a life, through to funding education. The idea is to make sure each side in the partnership benefits, sharing knowledge, experience and skills with a tangible and lasting outcome. We source funds and equipment for development and conservation projects. We endeavor to act as a “connector,” helping people who can help eachother get in touch. The Trust, as it is run, aims to bring mutual acceptance of one’s culture, beliefs and the lives they lead.

Sunday 2nd October at 6am.

Pre registration at Whitestone School on 24th Sept and Busters on 1st Oct between 10am-12noon.

See you there!

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